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  • Why trust Firefly Landscape Lighting with my landscape lighting?
    Karen, our lead designer, has extensive landscape lighting training and experience including training from the premiere landscape lighting design organization, the International Landscape Lighting Institute. She is passionate about lighting design and providing the highest quality service and products to clients. She participates in industry organizations including the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals (AOLP), International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) and Women in Lighting Karen's background is varied and has prepared her well to master Landscape Lighting design and installations. She was a midshipman at the US Naval Academy, developed software to model early GPS satellite configurations and accuracy for the USAF, taught high school mathematics, did math tutoring, owned a handy-woman business that specialized in landscape renovation, irrigation, and lighting and she renovated and 'slow-flipped' many homes. Firefly Landscape Lighting is dedicated to landscape lighting design, installation and maintenance. We are not an electrical contractor, handyman or landscape company doing landscape lighting on the side, often, without proper licensing. A Virginia ELE or ESC license is required for low-voltage electrical work. Firefly is a veteran-owned, woman-owned, licensed Virginia contractor with insurance and impeccable integrity. We use only pro quality fixtures and industry best design and installation practices, ensuring long lasting installations. All installations include lifetime service and product warranty support with an affordable, worry-free maintenance plan to ensure your lighting installation lasts season after season.
  • What services does Firefly Landscape Lighting provide and what is the cost?
    Firefly Landscape Lighting provides smart, low voltage landscape lighting systems from inspiration to implementation and includes long term maintenance. We only service our own installations to ensure availability for the highest quality service to our existing and potential design, install and maintenance clients. All installations include design consultations, a lighting design and plan, professional quality fixtures and materials professional installation to (electrical) code and on-going maintenance. The minimal system we design and install is lighting one area or zone of a home or business - a small to medium sized landscaped area with limited pathways or some architectural lighting. This type of installation would include at least 10 fixtures and cost $3,000 and up depending on the final number and type of fixtures, smart controls and installation requirements. Professionally designed and installed landscape lighting systems are an investment in your property and directly increases the use and enjoyment of the property. Our use of professional quality fixtures, materials, industry best installation practices and maintenance means you are purchasing a life-time system.
  • Do you repair landscape lighting systems installed by others?
    No. We do not repair or work on others’ systems. Firefly Landscape Lighting’s service is design, installation and maintenance of landscape lighting systems. We know that good design, high quality components, pro-level installation and consistent maintenance are keys to a trouble-free lighting systems. Our time is spent ensuring clients' lighting is maintained and grows and changes with the landscaping, use of the property.
  • What are Dark-Sky landscape lighting guidelines?
    Firefly Landscape Lighting is a member of the International Dark-Sky Association (IDA) which recommends the following guidelines to minimize any harmful effects of landscape lighting: Only be on when needed Only light the area that needs it Be no brighter than necessary Minimize blue light emissions Be fully shielded Firefly Landscape Lighting follows these guidelines, primarily uses IDA approved manufacturers and fixtures, and ensures local and neighborhood outdoor lighting codes are followed. Light trespass is always avoided. We use warm white light to minimize blue light that can be detrimental to living things. Only LED lights are used for energy efficiency and all installed systems include astronomical or smart controls to have full control of lighting hours.
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